If you are an Instagram user then you will know that they keys to your success, fame or visibility will be to gain as many followers and as many likes as you possibly can. In order to do this, there are a lot of methods which you can adopt to do exactly that and here are our top 7 tips on getting more followers and likes on Instagram.

Pay For Them

If you re in a rush for traction, usually in the cases of business, the you can buy followers and invest in automatic Instagram likes which can greatly help to boost your profile.

Stick to Your Niche

The key to a loyal following on Instagram is to stay within your niche and post items which center around that. Perhaps you like taking shots of your dog or your children, or even fashion items, make sure that you have a profile which is dedicated to one particular industry.


Scheduling is really important for your Instagram success and you should be looking to maintain this once you have decided. Perhaps you plan on posting daily, every two days or even once per week, the decision is yours but once you have made it, stick to it.

Review For Boredom

Boredom is truly the enemy for Instagram users and you must avoid it at all costs. In order to do this you should regularly review your Instagram profile to ensure that you aren’t being repetitive and boring.

Hashtag Up

Don’t forget about hashtags on your profile, they are an incredibly important part of using Instagram and they can really help you to push your profile into a wider community. Try to be creative with hashtags of your own, and use those which are trending.


Instagram is a community and if you are looking at only getting involved so that you can take from it, you will be disappointed. The best way to grow your profile and its success is to interact and engage with people across the website, as well as replying to people who have taken the time to interact with you.

Content Focus

When it comes to the content, don’t underestimate how good it must be, and how much time you should be investing in creating high value content. One thing that is the same amongst every Instagram profile on the planet is their high quality content. In order to create great content, you need to take your time with your shots, play about with colors and lighting and finally give he shot a nice, bright filter which can really help to finish off your image. Do this and you can count on much more traction when it comes to the content which you post.

There is so much more you can do with Instagram rather than simply shooting and posting and if you use these tips, you can count on a far more successful profile.

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