Do you have to send some confidential information to someone via email? Standard emails are sent “free” and in this way is liable to interference by hackers. Though, there are numerous alternatives for sending private, touchy data safely through email.

We have gathered some connections to destinations giving answers for sending secure email, secure one-time messages, and secure texting, and scrambling documents to send through email.



Infoencrypt is completely free of cost internet service which is known to secure your important data and messages. Essentially enter the encryption password and content of your message that will be utilized for both encryption and decryption. The project encrypts your message utilizing a strong algorithm of encryption, to make it secure to send. Any individual who tries to intercept these messages without the password won’t have the capacity to peruse the first message.

This web-based encryption service doesn’t need any installation process on your PC.



SafeGmail is a free augmentation for Google Chrome which permits you to forward encrypted messages to anybody. These messages are encrypted & decrypted inside the browser and remain encoded in both the sender’s and collector’s email inboxes. The messages additionally naturally lapse after an arbitrary measure of time.

SafeGmail functions with any beneficiary email supplier.

                                                                     RMail rmail


RMail permits you to effortlessly send messages alongwith end-to-end compliance and security. Forward encrypted emails from your present email address (10 free messages permitted every month) and consequently get a Registered Receipt record demonstrating encoded conveyance and consistence with open following.



Sendinc is also a renowned web-based  email service provider which makes it protected and easy to transmit delicate data through email. You and your beneficiaries can utilize Sendinc for nothing. No product is required.

Sendinc secures your message by guaranteeing that your information remains encoded from the time it leaves your PC through the time your beneficiaries recover it. At no time in the process is your message information transmitted or put away in a decoded design. Sendinc further guarantees the wellbeing of your messages by checking your beneficiaries are truth be told your planned beneficiaries.

Messages are scrambled with an intense arbitrarily created encryption key that is messaged to your beneficiaries as a connection. Sendinc does not spare a duplicate of your beneficiaries’ encryption keys and your message can not be unscrambled without the key – not even by Sendinc. This implies just your beneficiaries can disentangle the message information.



Hushmail is a safe internet free email benefit that looks and feels simply like some other web-mail webpage, yet adds solid encryption to your messages to shield your insider facts from prying eyes. It utilizes benchmarks consistent encryption and gives portable access (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and so forth.).

Paid service plans are likewise accessible which give extra stockpiling, boundless email pseudonyms, committed specialized backing, and desktop access.

These are some essential renowned ways through which you may easily be able to encrypt emails. We hope you have got the information you are looking for. Good Luck.


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