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Each Google Android handsets augment a screen lock, whereby a Pattern, PIN or unique password which must be entered before access to your applications, contacts, messages and more is conceded. In any case, a few of us would like to confine access to the information we have to ensure as it were.


Be that as it may, for a number of us, a screen lock is a genuine agony in the behind. Calling a number used to be a straightforward matter of getting your cell phone and squeezing a button – Speed Dial could interface you in a solitary snap. Also, not every one of us need to need to enter a secret key each time we get another email, instant message or Facebook application.

Obviously, securing the information on your cell phone to keep it from prying eyes is critical. Be that as it may, what information? Messages: check. Social networking accounts: check. Exhibition: check. Contacts: check. Adding machine: not really.

Luckily, a free application gives you a chance to secure just the applications where secret key insurance is fundamental. Application / app lock makes utilizing your cell phone significantly more helpful, and generally as secure. Here’s the means by which to utilize it.

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screen lock

Step 1. Start to Android Market and look for applock . Download, introduce and dispatch the application.

Step 2. Upon first dispatch, APP Lock will request that you enter an open secret key. Enter a noteworthy code – you can use the same number of or as couple of digits as you’d like – then squeeze OK. Presently re-enter this code and squeeze OK.

Step 3. Enter a security question and reply. On the off chance that you like, include a secret word insight – this is discretionary. Press Save.

Step 4. You’ll see two tabs at the highest point of the screen: Application Lock and System Lock. Pick Application Lock, then look down the rundown and switch on the lock for any applications for which you wish to watchword ensure access. On the other hand, tap the Lock all catch at the base of the screen to secret word ensure everything – except note this could turn out to be somewhat disappointing being used. Click the amplifying glass at the highest point of the screen to rapidly look for certain applications on the off chance that you can’t instantly see them in the rundown.

Step 5. On the off chance that you would want to utilize an example to open access to your applications, click Unlock Setting at the base of the screen and select the Pattern Lock tab and phone lock app . Draw your example, then squeeze Continue.

Step 6. Presently pick the System Lock tab. Switch on security for Install/Uninstall. This will keep somebody from bypassing your settings by uninstalling the application.

Step 7. Utilize the Settings menu (open by tapping the machine gear-piece at the upper right of the screen) to set alternatives for to what extent you can come back to an application without re-entering your watchword.

Whenever you attempt to sign into any applications ensured by hide apps / APP Lock / screen lock you will be provoked for your password.

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